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What do you get when you combine a fantastic creative design with fabulous interior spaces? Fantabulous Interiors!

Imaginative design themes are what Fantabulous Interiors delivers to customers when they want to go beyond boring and seek out sophistication, style and just oh-so-incredible room designs that fit into their personality.

We are a Michigan-based residential CSP (Certified Staging Company) staging and interior decorating company.  We stage, design, redesign, and renovate residential homes for our clients when they want to bring a new theme to their spaces.

We work with a range of clients for various interior design purposes. Are you looking to refresh the look of your home? Fantabulous Interiors passion for detail and dedication to your needs will bring together your ideas, material elements and furniture pieces to create a one-of-a-kind appearance that will leave you breathless. We want to develop a design that you will love for years, whether you are upgrading the appearance of a single room, or bringing together complementary elements to make every space have a superior architectural style.

In addition to assisting homeowners by revamping their interior spaces, I also help sellers with their room staging to make their houses look appealing to buyers. We organize and enhance the space so the interior design attracts buyers and welcomes them into every room. Let us make your house feel like a home to the new buyers with our creative design scheme and attention to detail.

Interior design is more than just bringing in a few furniture pieces into the room, arranging a potted plant or two in the corners, and applying a splash of color to the walls. Interior design can speak to the soul, create a mood, and inspire our deepest emotions and dreams. I want to bring excited and passionate feelings in my clients the moment they step into a space that was personally designed for them. By offering a professionally designed interior to our clients, we bring your vision to life to your home as the space will be a pleasure to stay in.

Fantastic Interior Design + Fabulous Residential Staging = Fantabulous Interiors!