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The art of staging is more than just de-cluttering and removing all personal photographs. Staging, if done properly will make your home appeal to your target market, enticing more potential buyers to make an offer on your home. As they enter your house for the first time, they will immediately see themselves living there.

There are two types of staging: Occupied and Vacant.

  • Occupied is when the home is still occupied by the seller and we work with their existing furniture and accessories. But if necessary, we may replace certain items with our inventory to better enhance the space. For example, if we are staging a bedroom and a newer comforter would make the bedroom more appealing, we will replace the comforter. This may also involve the moving around of items to different rooms and even removing pieces to maximize the appeal of the space.
  • Vacant can be a seller that has already moved out of the house and there is no furniture. But typically, vacants are home owned by investors, builders and developers who are looking to stage the entire home or specific rooms so that potential buyers who are looking at the home, are able to see how the space(s) can best be utilized.

Our staging process begins with a thorough walk-through of the property, room by room where we inspect the entire space from floor to ceiling. Upon completion, we leave you with a completed list of what needs to be done to make your property marketable. Chipped paint, missing hardware, dirty carpeting are only some of the items that are overlooked when preparing a home for showing. This more applies to occupied since vacant properties typically are new construction or renovations so worn items, such as chipped paint, dirty carpeting are not issues.

It’s the little things that can make the difference between someone loving your home or deciding within 30 seconds of entering that they are not interested. Once these items have been completed – either by you or us, the staging process comes next. This is where furniture is rearranged, swapped out or removed and accessories added or changed.

As the only CSP stagers in the Metro Detroit area, we deliver excellence and will help you to sell your property more quickly and to get maximum dollar for it. We look forward to helping you.