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Would you like to take on your project yourself but do not know where to begin? Or do you live in another state? With our eDesign services, we can provide our help from anywhere.

The process begins by completing a design consultation form. Information such as the room(s) for the project, your budget paremeters, color scheme, style options images, inspiration image, room dimensions and anything else that that you would like to share is collected. With this questionnaire, it provides a great starting point for initiating your project. Once we receive you information, a designer will contact you to schedule a consultation. If you’re anxious to get started and want to move right into the design consultation, you can start by completing the form, paying for your package and you will be contacted and we get started.

From the information provided, we are able to create a floor plan for each space, with your selected colors. And based on your style, we select furnishings and accessories from hundreds of vendors to create a 2D rendering of your new space. We discuss the new look and make any necessary changes and once confirmed, we build a shopping list of those items to be delivered to your home. We provided installation instructions regarding placement, and other steps to ensure that your new look is picture perfect. If this sounds good to you, let’s get started today!